TRADEPAQ is the global provider of the trade chain collaboration, trade and risk management software required for global commerce. The company offers an innovative framework of solutions including document preparation, financial settlement, contract management, compliance, exposure and risk analysis. TRADEPAQ focuses on the needs of Global 2000 Enterprises, Logistics Service Providers, International Trade Banks, Commodity Traders, and Exchanges.

As the leading provider of the end to end trade chain collaboration required for global commerce, TRADEPAQ provides industry leading internet based solutions.

[opentrade] OpenTrade
OpenTrade is an internet based collaborative platform to streamline the financial supply chain. The Financial Supply Chain refers to the end-to-end trade processes and information that drive a company‘s cash, accounts, and working capital. >From a buyer‘s perspective, this involves the full procurement-to-payment process. For the seller, it is the order-to-cash cycle. The financial supply chain, which drives financial settlement, takes over where the physical supply chain ends. more >
[erpmakeover] Extreme ERP makeover
Extreme ERP Makeover is Looking at current processes that need improvement and improving them quickly efficiently and effectively.

Any and all ERP related processes are on the table and extend systems out of “comfort zone” more >
[EDM] Enterprise Document Management
Enterprise Document Management (EDM) is the world's leader in document preparation, generation, and delivery. EDM encompasses web-based document collaboration with workflow and integrates internally and externally with the leading ERP, WMS, TMS and CRM systems. EDM provides not only document generation through delivery but also B2B messaging, imaging and archive and retrieval capability. more >
[enable] Enable
TRADEPAQ.enable provides enterprises running any Green Screen application with the ability to protect and enhance their existing ERP investment by integrating e-commerce into their business practices (i.e. collaborative commerce, e-procurement, business intelligence and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities). more >
[easyexpense] Easy Expense
TRADEPAQ's EasyExpense™ is an encompassing Web-based solution that streamlines and automates the travel and entertainment expense management process, including expense report preparation, approval, reimbursement, and financial system integration. Project leaders and supervisors can view, track the status, approve or reject, and even correct employee expenses. Employees are provided with online expense reporting to minimize paperwork, shorten the approval process and provide managers with a clear view of expenditure. more >
[trmproductlibrary] Electronic Purchase Order
TRADEPAQ's E-P.O. (Electronic Purchase Order) gives global enterprises the ability to create, approve and manage their entire purchasing process electronically. E-P.O. is a web-based system that includes important security, notification, management and reporting features to ensure that what you order is what you receive. View critical information earlier in the fulfillment process, gain more control, and lower your costs. Stay informed automatically, 24-7-365. more >
[logistics] TRADEPAQ for Logistics
TRADEPAQ for Logistics is an integrated software suite from TRADEPAQ that provides Logistics Services Providers (LSPs: 3PLs, Forwarders, NVOCCs, 4PLs, Carriers and Corporate Logistics Organizations) with the infrastructure to deliver logistics execution services for end to end trade chain collaboration. TRADEPAQ for Logistics provides industry leading document preparation, generation, and distribution based on patented technologies and global content. In addition to providing solutions for workflow, web-based document preparation, trade chain integration, compliance and settlement, TRADEPAQ for Logistics offers transportation management services, license management, and digital signature based security. more >
[exchange] TRADEPAQ for Exchanges
TRADEPAQ for Exchanges is an integrated e-business solution suite from TRADEPAQ that provides Net market makers (exchanges, auctions, hubs, portals, 3PLs) with the infrastructure to complete an e-business transaction. TRADEPAQ for Exchanges offers Web-based document generation, workflow, trade finance, and compliance. more >
[bank] TRADEPAQ for Banks
TRADEPAQ for Banks provides the infrastructure necessary to deliver global e-business banking services. With TRADEPAQ, banks benefit from Web-based workflow, trade document preparation, settlement, and PO integration with corporate ERPs. more >
[medpaq] medPAQ
When it comes to medical records, patient information, and business office documents, MedPAQ is just what the doctor ordered: this Web-based system provides the most comprehensive e-business document generation and delivery solution in the market today. more >
[securitypaq] SecurityPAQ
TRADEPAQ provides a comprehensive solution for secure physical printing using the TRADEPAQ for Exchanges, Banks, Logistics and Enterprises TM product suite. more >
[logo-bolero] boleroPAQ
A key challenge facing the global Internet economy is how to securely deliver e-business transactions through the Web. Enterprises, Net markets, logistics providers, and banks all must assure their e-business transactions are secure, authentic, and acceptable to the parties involved. more >
[trmproductlibrary] Product Library
Browse through our Product Library and download a product sheet for more information. more >