ERP Extreme Makeover

ERP Extreme Makeover is:
  • A way of thinking…
    • Constant Improvement
      • Easily and at your company’s pace
    • Immediate impact and results
      • Gratification
    • Tasks large and small tackled
      • Amazing what can/was accomplished in a short amount of time
  • Software toolset
    • TRADEPAQ’s software is unlike any other
  • Services
    • Whether training, developing,  or full fledged consulting we can provide a plan to get your company where you think it should be…
  • Looking at current processes that need improvement…and improving them quickly efficiently and effectively.
  • Any and all ERP related processes are on the table.
  • Extend systems out of “comfort zone”
  • Do what you thought could not be done.
What can ERP Extreme Makeover do:
  • Improve Efficiency
    • Automate functions
  • Improve Customer Service
    • Self Service, allow customers to help themselves
  • Reduce Errors
    • Data Collection, Collaboration, Approval processing, Compliance
  • Reduce costs
    • Eliminate processes, paper, phone calls
  • Reduce delays
    • Improve information flow and speed up approval processing
  • Improve cash flow
Customizable GUI
  • Create Self Evident Screens
  • Create Dashboards
  • Combine screens
  • Gather data from other systems/areas
  • Eliminate redundant screens/data
  • Simplify Data Entry
  • Create C-Level Screens/UI’s
  • Improve Navigation
  • Add Functions/Enhancements
Web Interface
  • Browser Access
  • 24/7 Self Service
  • Graphical
  • HTML
  • Links
  • Corporate Standards
  • Push and/or Pull Data
  • Access anywhere
  • Expand Beyond Network
Paperless Transactions
  • Fax to Machine readable text
  • XML Integration
  • Web Orders
  • Fax/Email Purchase Orders, Invoices, and other documents
  • All documents stored electronically and securely
  • General Text Search (Google like text search for any data)
Process Re-engineering

  • Create new processes to further increase efficiency
  • Combine screens/systems
  • Develop Macros
  • Make peoples job easier
  • By Region/Application/Department/User Type/Individual
  • Review and streamline processes in hours not months
  • Increase Productivity
  • Apply to one/some/ and/or all
  • Easily create specific tasks/activities that require data/input from several parties
  • Automate the data gathering
    • Human
    • Machine
  • Approval
    • Everyone on same page
  • Within Company and external with other Trading Partners
    • Customers, Suppliers, Banks, 3PL’s, Insurance Companies, Inspection, etc…
  • Reduce Cycle Time
  • Reduce Confusion
  • Increase Accuracy
Self Service Models
  • Order Entry
  • Order Inquiry
  • Inventory Inquiries
  • Invoice Reprint
  • Order History
  • Serve your customers, employees and trading partners better, automatically and on their time.
Document Management

  • View/Access Documents anytime/anywhere
  • Pull up images of documents on transaction screen
    • Example: Customer PO image on Order Entry Screen
  • Output Management
  • Storage/Archive/Retrieval
  • Virtually any file type supported (DB Dependent)
  • Powerful Search Facility
  • Reduce Storage costs
  • Reduce Distribution costs
  • Implement and Enforce policies and procedures
  • Reduce Cycle Times
  • Report Bottlenecks
  • Approval Processing
  • Set Reminders and automatic notification