TPQ CTRM B.V. and Complex Systems, Inc
Published: 04 May 2015

TPQ CTRM B.V. has entered into a strategic alliance with Complex Systems, Inc.

Complex Systems, Inc. is focused on performance-enhancing trade finance solutions that improve profitability, encourage new business development and streamline bank-wide trade process flows.

CSI’s flagship product BankTrade is the industry leading, SWIFTReady, web-enabled solution for Back Office Trade Finance processing supporting the Bank’s corporate clients and all other active Financial Supply Chain participants.

The alliance will bring to market a “Treasury Management System” software solution focused on the automation of manually-intensive, repetitive steps needed to manage a company’s cash flows. The system allows a company to efficiently and effectively communicate with financial institutions in order to manage cash, transactions, forecasts, FX, and even investments and debt. The Treasury Management System can seamlessly interface with a company’s general ledger offering an instant financial dashboard. It delivers transparency into a company's cash positions. The sophisticated solution allows for the greatest possible financial leverage for our clients. Among the solutions provided are long-term and short-term commodity repurchase agreement capabilities (repos), inventory finance, tolling, cash and carry agreements, arbitrage, bill of lading finance, DIP finance, bankers acceptance finance, and financial instrument finance. In most cases, we will tailor solutions to meet our clients’ specific, and unique requirements. Additionally, this alliance will bring our banking and SWIFT expertise to corporates, where SWIFT is now focusing.

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