Market Expertise

Companies today are confronted with a globalized market where the profitability of their organization is determined by how they manage or track six interlinked elements (according to AMR Research in: 'Raw material sourcing strategies are critical to revenue and profit margin, April 2010'). These six elements are:

• Price and volatility;
• inventory availability, the spot and forward requirements and fulfillment;
• capacity of suppliers and long term strategies alignment;
• geographical environmental issues and outlier scenario execution;
• predicting future demand and the associated risk management strategies;
• position view, the associated risk and the volatility impact on the position.

Although there might be some slight differences related to the specific commodity market an organization is operating in, these six elements are shared across the commodity markets TPQ CTRM B.V. is focusing on. The impact of the individual elements for an organisation largely depends on how the company manages its growth related to the number of commodities it trades, the control of its processes and the visibility of the strategic, tactical and operational results related to the profits it derives from the associated processes.

In essence every organization related to commodities needs to address the six elements with a strategy associated to it that addresses how to manage these factors. TRADEPAQ added value is embedded in more that 25 years of experience related to software solutions for the agri commodities and metals industry and we will help you with knowledge and tools related to each of the above segments.

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