CTRM Functionality

TRADEPAQ provides clients with real-time position management, reduction of supply chain costs, execution of timely and accurate hedges, and elimination of surprise write-downs. The system reduces market, credit, operational, and compliance risks inherent in commodity related operations. Having the ability to manage a global organization with real-time mark-to-market information and accounting provides the CFO's office an unparalleled ability to react to changing market conditions and satisfy the audit committees' control and risk management requirements.

And for those looking for a completely integrated system, TRADEPAQ provides a GAAP / IFRS compliant Financial Accounting software. This enables a seamless integrated implementation with whatever corporate accounting system is in place. Most important, this enables effect profit and cost management plus compliance with local Hedge Accounting requirements (e.g. Deferred P&L from a derivative matched to a Physical Shipment).

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