3rd Party Accounting

Your company produces, distributes and/or trades physical commodities and has recently gone live with any ERP system. After months or years of effort, the harsh reality that the commodity business has special requirements not found in standard off the shelf ERP systems has hit home. No amount of lipstick is going to turn the ERP bulldog into the beautiful business solution you had expected. The reality is that you have invested far too much time and funds to even think about starting all over again. Now what?

TRADEPAQ to the rescue: We offer a best practices based tool that seamlessly works with 3rd party ERP systems. TRM incorporates all the requirements to handle the procurement, sales, supply chain, settlement, risk management, and hedge accounting aspects of the commodities business.Whether your business is metals, agricultural or energy products, TRADEPAQ is the first solution to offer an integrated comprehensive solution that salvages and enhances the investment in your standard ERP.


  • Preserve and enhance your investment by adding only the functionality needed to supplement the missing pieces of the 3rd Party ERP System.
  • Significantly reduce the costs and risks of being over or under-hedged with real time access to financial and physical risk positions
  • Reduce the costs of compliance (IAS39, AS30, FAS133) with accurate as of date reporting enabling the auditors to certify hedge effectiveness and proper adherence to accounting entries.
  • Make better sales and purchase decisions based upon real time Physical forward and inventory positions by location.
  • Manage equivalencies and substitutions, creating visibility of similar or like materials to reduce inventory costs and duplication of orders.
  • Reduce production and inventory costs through Pre-Production planning and control of tolled materials for better matching of manufactured products to customer demand.
  • Increase customer service and reduce costs with integrated claims management
  • Stay up to date with new regulations and accounting standards associated with hedge accounting

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